The Deafening Sound ot Silence
Day 3 26/04/12

Forgot that I had turned my alarm off on my phone the previous morning so I woke up at half 7 thinking it was before half 6 -_- mega rush then had to ring work to tell them I was running late so someone else would have to register my form class.

Another hectic day in work good news on the budget front thou just fingers crossed now the governors approve the heads proposal and we get the extra funding from the consortium the head seems to think we can get. We have already spent all the money in our heads leaving 41p change :P although I’m sure we could find something else to spend it on.

Granny Smith Apple omnomnom

Finished work and took Maxwell for a walk (in the rain again)

Give him his dinner then mega rush to get ready for the evening.

The pub quiz was good a lot of free food convinced the guys that our team name should be “Ice Bank Mice Elf” :P couldn’t get the quiz master to say it thou :/

Had to leave before round two or we would have missed the avengers! but didn’t really matter because we had paid our money and it was all for cancer research anyway.

Made it to the cinema on time first ones in the que

(Matt, Joe and Owen waiting for Emily)

Saw this lil guy on the door while queuing.

Hope its better than the last one the 3D gave me a massive headache.

Took a sneaky photo of the cinema before the film started was dark so just auto adjusted it and it turned out like this.

I quite like it haha

The film was between the level of good and awesome. I wouldn’t say it was mind blowing but worth watching The Hulk was defiantly my favorite and I still maintain that “The Incredible Hulk” is the best out of all the marvel films with Iron man a close second


Got home at around 2am alarm set for half 6… times

Listened to the whole “start something” album by “Lost Prophets” on the way home I love this track

haha Tenby tomorrow night for the weekend still haven’t packed…Mad rush again then no blogging again till Monday probs

Day 2 - 25/04/12

Woke up at around twenty past 6 (Its strange how I always seem to wake up a few minutes before my alarm…must be psychic) had a shower and got ready for work. The sound of heavy rain coming from my window a quick look outside confirmed my suspicion that I was going to get soaked walking to work.


Got to work with my left foot soaked and my right foot relatively dry some how. Probably due to my right handed umbrella holding.

Discussed what developments and improvements we should make with our departments budget for this year with Lee I just wish we knew definitively how much we are going to have to play around with because at the moment its all rough estimates although any of our scenarios have a major impact and benefit for the curriculum as a whole. 

Popped home after work to get changed and let the dogs out for a pee before lee dropped me off at the train station managed to jump straight on the train which was good as it was hammering down. Got to Cardiff around twenty past 5 Sian had called me saying she was running late so wandered over to the shopping center to have a look around was planning on having a bit of food then seeing 21 Jump Street but the traffic was really bad coming in from Bristol so we only had time for food in the end.

We went to Ruby Tuesday I was very hungry so opted for the salad bar before the main course was gutted they didn’t have the little cut up ham cubes I like but the copious amounts of beetroot cheese and pasta made up for it :)

I had the triple cheader bacon prime burger for my main was bloody gorgeous!

mash rather than chips :P Sian had chicken Quesadillas with mash :P wanted to have desert somewhere else but everywhere was either a ridiculously long wait or closing soon so we opted for Starbucks. Signature hot chocolate ftw!

Had my music playing a bit loud in my ears (Skrillex - Bangarang)

so i was unaware that I was casually dancing a little in public while waiting for my train…whoops.

I’m pretty stuffed two nights out for food in a row mega chubs! Just standard food tomorrow at home I think.

Some pretty weird people in this train…

Looking forward to tomorrow night pub quiz then the avengers movie with the Owen Matt and Joe.

Train is pretty empty just moved seats so I can get more leg room.

Home now, teeth brushed. Watching a bit of Facejacker before bed


Day 1 - 24/04/12

Decided to actually use this as a blog rather than just an “auto-post random crap to page”

Unsure if I like this theme yet going to potch (just found out that potch is welsh slang…I was not aware of this until google spell check informed me. Anyway it means “messing about with”) with the HTML a bit when I get chance to make it how I like it.

Haven’t really done much yet today it is…15:08 currently waiting impatiently for the working day to be at an end.

Flashback to Day 0

Watched game of thrones season 2 episode 4 last night I fracking love that show It is all kinds of epic side not Joffery is just turning from a spoiled git into an evil little shit now in the words of Bronn “There’s no cure for being  a cunt”


Tyrion is still defiantly my favorite character although I worry that this means he is likely to suffer a similar fate as Ned Stark :/ all in all it was a good episode It ended with me shouting at the TV that I could not wait another week! I don’t think I’ve properly had that feeling since lost in its Heyday. 

Had some chicken and bacon wraps and a bowl of Icecream (Healthy eating Matt had a night off) and drank quite a bit of tea as per usual. 

Drinking Tea  Tea and Icecream

The sugar/caffeine/adrenaline level are probably what contributed to myself Owen and Matt doing this…

Had this song stuck in my head

Owen found it hillarious that I randomly sang parts of the lyrics I wasnt even aware that I was vocalising my internal singing.

Anyway on to today woke up at 5am, for some bizarre reason, had a bit of brekkie got ready then off to work. Nothing much of interest happened still waiting on the Welsh assembly to inform R.C.T if they can go ahead with the plans to merge my school with 3 others into a new “Super School”. Apparently they are waiting until after the local council elections so their decision wont influence the result -_- so should know in around two weeks time what’s happening and hopefully what that means for mine and Lee’s job. Found out we get our budget for the year next week exciting times! The upgrades we are planning for this network are going to blow peoples minds! We still have single core celeron machines that are 8 years old running xp with office 2003. Our upgrade plans involve new i5 machines running windows 7 with office 2010 :)

My friend Palmer had linked a new video of his on YouTube called "The Deal" I found it hilarious and naturally made some gifs of my favourite parts to immortalise them in an infinite loop for all time.


Got home from work and took Maxwell for a walk in the rain then had a quick shower before going for coffee with the parents for “a chat” went alright actually better than I expected anyway. Got home in time to get ready for a meal in Alfreds bar and Grill in Pontypridd with some of my friends. I had the leek and potato soup for starter with gamon, egg and mash (I freaking love mash! this one was a bit dry but I added some butter and it was perfection) with a side of garlic bread for my main.

Had this beauty for desert

Ice Cream

All in all the meal and service were very good I’d go there again and im a fussy eater. I was lucky thou as the manager said we could order off the “early bird menu” even thou we arrived after it had finished. I didn’t like the look of anything on the main menu (as I said fussy).

Interesting photo/art in a cubicle in the mens toilets

I did a double take, not the best thing to do while trying to pee it tends to throw off your aim.

Got home and watched a few episodes of 8 out of ten cats on 4od I love BT infinity :) found harrold was awake and doing some sneaking around so took a photo of the little ninja.


then sleep.

Need to sort this tumblr out rather than spamming my instagram pics.

Step one new theme

The Deal

Three Gif’s I made from my friend Matthew Palmer’s Short Film The Deal



and my favourite below


More tea! (Taken with instagram)

More tea! (Taken with instagram)

Tea and Ice Cream :) (Taken with instagram)

Tea and Ice Cream :) (Taken with instagram)

All work and no play make Matt a…something something  (Taken with instagram)

All work and no play make Matt a…something something (Taken with instagram)

Lees contribution to my computer monitor (Taken with instagram)

Lees contribution to my computer monitor (Taken with instagram)

Yeh boi!  (Taken with instagram)

Yeh boi! (Taken with instagram)